Playing to An Audience . . . of one?

I was pretty surprised to read my first comment from a reader the other day. It never occurred to me that someone might actually read this blog. That probably sounds pretty weird, that I was shocked to learn someone had found me. I work online, I participate in another blog as part of my work. We go to great lengths to get people to visit our sites. It’s hard to keep traffic up, a lot of work . . . so, I guess I just thought that if I didn’t tell anyone I had personal blog, if I didn’t do anything to drive traffic to my blog, then I could type away in obscurity and nobody would know I was here.

I know, it doesn’t even make much sense to me đŸ™‚ I guess I wanted a safe place of total anonimity where even my internal censor could let its hair down and just say whatever came to mind. It’s hard to get stuff past that internal censor sometimes. As a writer, I’m always trying. But even if it’s the truth (ESPECIALLY if it’s the truth) it’s difficult to write things you know would hurt the people you love. And ever since my sisters had children it seems like the rules have changed, I REALLY have to watch what I say because anything can be taken out of context to imply I think they’re bad mothers . . . even when it has nothing to do with the kids, nothing to do with them even, and I mean it as a compliment. Strange creatures, these mothers. I think something happens during the act of giving birth, the part of the brain that used to joke and laugh and understand puns and metaphors gets zapped.

Anyway, now that I’m aware I can be found and people might read me, I’ll have to try a little harder to post something interesting.

Mood: Surprised

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