And the Thunder Rolls

We had thunder storms last night . . . Thunder, lightning, heavy rain — even seemed like hail at one … More

Back on the Chain Gang

I’m in the midst of another insane week! Lot’s going on. Today I have to finish the WFNB newsletter and … More

Time Passages

It feels like years have passed since my grandfather went into the hospital. And I’m not kidding, literally years. Grandad … More

The Best Medicine

My grandfather’s condition worsens. My mother and all her siblings were at the hospital all evening again today. Granddad is … More

Better Days

It’s been a hellish day. Too much work to do, no sleep, and I’ve done nothing but talk on the … More

Lawnmower Man

I slept about 2 hours. I laid down at 6 am to try and sleep a few hours until 9 … More

Constant Craving

I had to chew gum to control a cigarette craving a few minutes ago . . . I seldom crave … More

Vanilla Sky

If I’ve talked about this before, I’m sorry. But I watched some of Vanilla Sky tonight . . . AGAIN!! … More

Love & Happiness

All over the web in blogs and on message boards and all the places I hang around, Americans are reeling … More