Hello Sunshine!

So, I’ve made it through my first week of living alone and I gotta say it wasn’t that tough . … More

Smurf’s Bathroom

So I’m loving my apartment except for one minor thing . . . the bathroom. The bathroom is small. Tiny. … More

Cooking with Abandon

Saturday night after J&J left and I was alone in my new apartment for the first time, I got hungry. … More

Cool Site of the Day

Gullible Info has all kinds of random facts like — On average, a gym member who signs a 12 month … More

My Own Life

Safe and sound. Been unpacking. Washing dishes for two days . . . there’s no good reason on earth why … More

The Last Day

We’re down to the wire here . . . my move looms. I am not packed. I’m a bit sad … More

Buns Sore

I’m back from another exciting weekend in Moncton, this time for the Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick Annual General Meeting. … More

My Daily Horoscope

Dear Kellie,Here is your horoscopefor Tuesday, May 10: It’s not your imagination. You really are attracting attention from all kinds … More