Maybe it’s not that I have nothing more to say. Maybe I’m too aware of the audience. I no longer … More


I may or may not have a sinus infection. I’m feeling kinda crappy and have been for a few days. … More


I appear to have nothing more to say. Aren’t you glad? Mood: darkDrinking: coffeeListening To: Our Lady Peace, ClumsyHair: bushy

Little Ditty Bout …

Queen & Roncesvalles Ancient house looks like it might collapse in mild gust of wind, boards falling off, covered in … More


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New Arrivals

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Rainly Day Blahs

Ophelia moves from my right to take up new residence in left knee. This is the way it’s supposed to … More


The right side of my body knows Ophelia’s around. Wrist and knee full of woe. Unusual, the left side should’ve … More

Too Much Pressure

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