Monday Madness

1. Name 1 comedy movie you’ve seen.There’s Something About Mary . . . why this is the one I think … More

Another SNA Epidsode

Sunday Night Anxiety, again. Can’t sleep. Went to bed. Rolled around for two hours. Listened to the boy on the … More

Cold Case

Do you ever watch it? It rips my heart out every episode. Slays me. Makes me weep. “. . . … More

Go On Take the Money & Run

It’s funny how certain songs take you certain places. In the same way that AC/DC’s Problem Child always reminds me … More

Saturday Six #81

1. What is a bigger pet peeve for you: someone trying to talk on a cell phone during a movie, … More

The Last Summer

It was the ultimate loner summer of insomnia, deja vu, anxiety, two boyfriends, a PEI vacation, the lady in black … More

Hair Again

Yesterday I bought hats. Hats again. Has it been a month since I bought the last three hats? I think … More

Rude Awakening #14

Things got a little rowdy in the house last night — many kids, much drinking, at least one dog, a … More