I can not get over this frigging pain. I am seriously fucked up this fall like no other season changing in recent memory. My feet! My God! It’s insane. My foot is all twisted and swollen, deformed even. Same with my scary claw hands. I don’t know what to do about it. I know there’s nothing really that I can do, just rest and wait for the adjustment. Drinking improves my spirits somewhat, but really doesn’t help. I managed to walk out to the post office and Sears to pick up parcel with new boots (2 pair, one for winter, one for dress-up) and cute camisole that I’ll likely never wear because it feels a bit too low-cut for this buxom broad . . . but will keep around just in case the urge strikes or a need arises. Laden with parcels I had to return home rather quickly and I intended to go out to my new favourite restaurant for dinner when I noticed their special was the Hungarian meatballs with wild rice, a glass of red wine and mixed vegetable appetizer for only $14.95 . . . the appetizer alone normally sells for $7.95, so this was quite the deal, I figured. Anyway, I came home and tried on new boots, then opened a can of soup because my feet were toast and could not withstand another walk . . . even for delicious dinner 😦 Today even the joints in my spine are aching. Oh the joy of that! Do you know how many joints are in your backbone? . . . No, me neither, but it’s a helluva lot! More than enough to make my whole backside feel like it’s on fire. Same thing with the feet. Every little bone is screaming where it joins up with every other little bone. More bones in your feet than anywhere else on your whole body . . . and mine are in agony. Is it any wonder I’m SUPER cranky bitch and not getting anything done?

Mood: tired
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: nuttin’ it’s the middle of the night
Hair: pulled back for serious work

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