Mi Vida Loca

If you’re coming with me you need nerves of steel
’cause I take corners on two wheels
It’s a never-ending circus ride
The faint of heart need not apply

Mi vida loca over and over
Destiny turns on a dime
I go where the wind blows
You can’t tame a wild rose
Welcome to my crazy life

Gathering tunes to burn for Dad. It’s insane how I still know every note of most of these. Mi Vida Loca was not the Pam Tillis song I always sang at karaoke, that would be Maybe It Was Memphis. I don’t think Mi Vida Loca was an option or I surely would’ve picked it because it’s got to be easier to sing. It was on the jukebox I know, and my theme song long before that. Somewhere between here and there I think I might’ve tamed, stopped taking corners on two-wheels. Though I still go where the wind blows and believe in destiny turning on a dime, it’s not quite as out of hand as it once was. I must’ve had a Pam Tillis tape at some time or something because even Shake the Sugar Tree and Two Sparrows in a Hurricane are on the tip of my tongue.

Blame It On Your Lying Cheating Cold Dead Beating Two Timing Double Dealing Mean Mistreating Loving Heart . . . yep, still remember all the words. Insanity. The clutter in my brain! I remember sitting in the back seat of that old green four-door dodge and Patty Loveless came on the radio. Even stoned (which I don’t do well or often) I didn’t mix it up, got all the adjectives in the right place.

So there you have it . . . I used to be country in a former life.

Mood: taking a break, no kitkat
Drinking: nothing right now
Listening To: Merle Haggard, You Never Even Call Me By My Name
Hair: windblown

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