Ten Days Later

I am returned to my marshy nest from the concrete jungle. So which version do you want — the Reader’s Digest Condensed Book? or the Special Edition Director’s Cut?

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Message from the Man

Mike’s commenting on our election.

I may as well come clean–I’m not voting. Now before you say anything, I KNOW! I promise not to say anything when the damn conservatives take over the country and ruin everything. I believe this is the first time since I turned 18 that I haven’t voted. I mean I was one of those freaky teens who couldn’t wait to turn 18 so I could participate in democracy. When I lived in Toronto I went through the biggest round-tuit in order to get registered to vote in the Ontario provincial election when Thurman neglected to tell the people that I lived in the house, which I think went a long way to help many people in my circle of friends at that time realise the importance of voting. At the same time I made all the calls to ensure I had a mail-in ballot to vote for the NB premier. Does all this past “above and beyond the call of duty” activity exempt me from this election? Not frigging likely. If I let myself think about it too much I’ll freak out, politics is in my blood.

But this election just required too much effort on my part, (I needed to register for my new riding and I needed to pre-vote because I’m out of province on election day) during a month where I just felt swamped (impending trip, plus lots of bnm stuff and more). I tried to not care, told myself that my vote can’t save us from Stephen Harper anyway, the country can’t possibly be destroyed by one bum prime minister, how bad could it be? But the truth is, my vote does matter. Every vote matters. It mightn’t keep Harper out of office but political parties receive funding based on the number of votes they get, so if I want the NDP or the Green Party to have the cash to become a contender I’ve got to give them my backing. And as for one bum PM destroying the country . . . well, look at how quickly Bush ruined America. It can happen.

So, I’m guilty. I’ve been bad. I promise to do better next time.


It’s Toronto-bound day! Finally! And I’m up early and getting ready and bursting with excitement. The weather for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday looks good for the city with highs in the low plusses and some sunshine or low chances of flurries. I think it’s going to be an awesome trip!


I’ve been sneezing my head off since I got up (before my alarm rang, I might add). I don’t know if I’m having an allergic reaction to something or what the hell’s going on, but all this sneezing is driving me batty.

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No Lappy

It’s official. Da boss has banned the laptop. We will rely on the computers of strangers for our journey. There will be NO work. There may be a little blogging, depending.

I purchased snack foods for the train today — granny apples, organic bananas, granola bars — food on the train is so terribly expensive. It’s a couple of bucks just for a small styrofoam cup of coffee, and money remains a concern heading into this thing. I think I’ll be okay. Other purchases today included luggage tags, trial sized mouthwash, and a new writing journal, actually two new writing journals.

One is a women’s journal with quotes from women writers on the inside cover, I’ve seen this journal before somewhere, some woman I know writes in this same one . . . Karen maybe? I’m not sure. The other is just a plain black hardcover composition book. I didn’t buy these for the trip so much, though it’ll be the train before I can start any writing I’m sure, but I’ve wanted something new for capturing long-hand thoughts, something solid and classy and inspiring, because there’s a new story working it’s way out and I’m tired of having creative thoughts jumbled with work notes and articles in spiral stenopads. So tomorrow (later today) I’ll start some books just for the creative stuff, keep it all together, make it easier to find and use.

One week from tonight I’ll be back in NB, will have given another workshop at the Access Centre. I’m looking forward to this workshop, feel prepared, ready, like I can really do this thing and help people, inspire them, feels good. Also received a rejection email today on one of the stories I submitted last June to a lit review in BC. Nothing specific to my work, just a form, nothing helpful, though it did say they’d look forward to seeing something else from me . . . which isn’t always the case. I should workshop that story now with the Sackville group, but I need a God damn new printer to run off copies for everyone. Have to make getting a printer a priority next month. I’m stalled on many fronts without one. Perhaps a laser printer, ink will be cheaper even if the printer cost is more up front. Will have to research in full.

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28 Hours

I depart in 28 hours. Oh boy! Crazy weather here. Wild wind. Last night was insane with freezing rain and ice pellets. Today it’s just windy and cold, all the snow has been washed away. The weather in Toronto looks good for Sunday and Monday. Packing for winter weather is difficult. I don’t think I’ll have time to go see Capote tonight. I know it’s only two hours, I should be able to get out for a couple of hours, but I can’t see it happening. Not surprisingly I’ve got new work coming in as I type, stuff that can’t wait until I get back. It’s always the way. The universe knows I’m leaving and sends me everything she’s got in the last minute urgent category. Oh well. I’m at least used to this sort of departure.

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Heart Palpitations

I am sick with excitement over impending trip. Dreams are filled with Toronto memories. Too much to do still. Trying to remain calm and practical. Stick to some sort of schedule.

The boy on the other side of my bedroom has moved in a girl and it’s driving me nuts. I hope she is just visiting and will return to wherever she came from, be gone by the time I return from my excursion. She giggles. A LOT! And it’s not infectious, but so juvenile-like annoying. And she’s in there all the time. And he’s in there with her when he’s not in class. And they’re so “in love” it’s sickening. Please kill me now! But the worse thing is that the bitch cooks. I mean seriously cooks like three square meals a day, including bacon and sausage for breakfast, curried meats for dinner and burger-like midnight snacks. That boy is going to blow up if she stays much longer. And the smell of food cooking is everywhere in my apartment, making me hungry, making me want to eat burgers at midnight . . . but I’m not 22-years-old! I CAN’T get away with eating burgers at midnight anymore. Plus she’s as laundry obsessed as me and considering the water supply is shared it’s become a little difficult to take a shower without being frozen or scalded. Please let this just be a visit and not a permanent arrangement.

Globe Night

Jack’s back from the dead in the most explosive season ever (they’ve assassinated President Palmer, killed Michelle and seriously injured Tony, and now the Russians have taken Terminal One at Ontario airport) and even still I opted to wait until midnight to watch the second half of the four-hour season premiere, so I could catch the Golden Globes in their entirety. I’ve elected less sleep. More tv.

Highlights —

Could Don Johnson been more the proud papa? And for that matter could Miss Golden Globe have been more the “embarrassed to be on the same stage with my mother” daughter? And seriously who could blame her? Is Melanie on crack or what? And what is up with all the tattoos?

I felt bad for Matt Dillion on the red carpet before the show. He was so inarticulate and boring, god love him. He seemed a little dazed and confused. He’s so frigging serious. He was good in Crash though. It’s a good movie, but Matt on the carpet and then later even when presenting . . . kinda space cadet.

I was jumping up and down with Sandra Oh’s excited win. One of ours. Go Canada! I was rooting for her, have enjoyed her for a long time. Ever since, what was it called? The Last Day?

Completely appalled by Drew Barrymore’s breasts! I mean I totally love Drew, don’t get me wrong, but she was definitely the actress in most need of a good bra tonight. I mean it wasn’t so much that her nipples were completely exposed, it was her breasts hanging around her waist that was too much. Bras are good.

How great did Nicollette Sheridan look? She was gorgeous in that blue dress. She gets my vote for best dressed of the night, followed by Scarlett Johansen in red. Lovely.

What was up with the speeches? Geena Davis lies about a little girl, then House pulls names from his pocket and The Office guy reads the speech his wife wrote. There were a lot of unusual speeches tonight.

How jealous was I that Cynthia Nixon got to sit beside Ed Harris? I’ve got such a crush on him. Must be those amazing blue eyes.

Chris Rock was out of control. Seriously. I don’t think those jokes were on the teleprompter . . .

How much did I love that Mary Louise Parker beat the Desperate Housewives, though the thank you to John Spencer was a little weird? But Felicity Huffman winning Best Actress in film Drama totally rocked! I teared up.

And how much do I love anything Irish?! Jonathan Rhys-Meyers! Kelly MacDonald! And of course my boy, Cillian, who was up for Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical. I just love him. I can never go to Dublin, I might not return.

Walk the Line smoked, like I hoped it would. Though it’ll be up against Brokeback Mountain come Oscar time, which also smoked tonight.

Philip Seymour Hoffman! How long have I loved him? Since forever! Boogie Nights, Magnolia, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Almost Famous, Love Liza, Punch-Drunk-Love, Cold Mountain . . . I wanted to see Capote, and now I must go. It’s playing Thursday night here as part of the Film Society nights.

Gotta love award night! And now I’m even more prepared to kick some serious butt and hold onto the Pink Panther in the 2nd Annual Keenan Oscar Competition.

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Looking Good!

Hello Kellie,
Here’s your weekly horoscope for January 16 to 22.

Change of Scene

You may find yourself tied up in knots when it comes to your joint financial affairs, Kellie. Tuesday could be confusing as you may be offered a deal, but there may be reservations about whether you will actually get it or not. Don’t worry too much, as this side of life will look a lot better after February 4. Meanwhile, Mars moves to square Neptune on Wednesday which could lead to one of those events that creates temporary chaos and seems to come out of nowhere. If you have big plans at this time, don’t take anything for granted as they may materialize in a way that is completely different from anything you expected. In fact, they may not materialize at all, come to that. Be ready. The end of the week swings the spotlight around to travel and other such forms of excitement. The journey has to be a spiritual one as well as one of adventuring to places that stir up your interest. Mercury and the Sun move into Aquarius from Friday, so you may find it hard to resist an urge to escape to the blue yonder. The more tropical and the more magical the place, the better. You are due for a change of scene – go for it.

My trip is blessed! Oh happy day! I can’t believe we’re down to a few days. One week from today is the concert I have tickets for.

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