Good Morning Sun

It’s me again.

Killed a ginormous spider in the shower this morning. Damn things. I keep telling them if we’re to cohabitate they need to stay under my radar, but they don’t listen. I suppose the guy wasn’t expecting to run into me so early, but still . . .

Did not sleep well. Bathed in moonlight most of the night, which is wonderful, but not conducive to sleep. Coupled with Sunday night anxiety and new sheets that seemed terribly warm . . . I caught a lot of a Mel Gibson movie on tv.

I’ve been working on something new, working it in my head mostly, jotting a line here and there, but this morning I wrote for a half hour, two new sections. Pretty exciting. Not sure what the thing is really. Fiction yes, but is it a story? Or a concept? How come I can’t construct things properly? Or not easily construct things properly anyway. Maybe I don’t know the proper way to do things. Maybe there is no proper way. Regardless, I’m happy I got some stuff down on it this morning. Progress.

Mood: creative
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: How Soon Is Now, The Smiths
Hair: slick

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