Message from the Man

Mike’s commenting on our election.

I may as well come clean–I’m not voting. Now before you say anything, I KNOW! I promise not to say anything when the damn conservatives take over the country and ruin everything. I believe this is the first time since I turned 18 that I haven’t voted. I mean I was one of those freaky teens who couldn’t wait to turn 18 so I could participate in democracy. When I lived in Toronto I went through the biggest round-tuit in order to get registered to vote in the Ontario provincial election when Thurman neglected to tell the people that I lived in the house, which I think went a long way to help many people in my circle of friends at that time realise the importance of voting. At the same time I made all the calls to ensure I had a mail-in ballot to vote for the NB premier. Does all this past “above and beyond the call of duty” activity exempt me from this election? Not frigging likely. If I let myself think about it too much I’ll freak out, politics is in my blood.

But this election just required too much effort on my part, (I needed to register for my new riding and I needed to pre-vote because I’m out of province on election day) during a month where I just felt swamped (impending trip, plus lots of bnm stuff and more). I tried to not care, told myself that my vote can’t save us from Stephen Harper anyway, the country can’t possibly be destroyed by one bum prime minister, how bad could it be? But the truth is, my vote does matter. Every vote matters. It mightn’t keep Harper out of office but political parties receive funding based on the number of votes they get, so if I want the NDP or the Green Party to have the cash to become a contender I’ve got to give them my backing. And as for one bum PM destroying the country . . . well, look at how quickly Bush ruined America. It can happen.

So, I’m guilty. I’ve been bad. I promise to do better next time.


It’s Toronto-bound day! Finally! And I’m up early and getting ready and bursting with excitement. The weather for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday looks good for the city with highs in the low plusses and some sunshine or low chances of flurries. I think it’s going to be an awesome trip!


I’ve been sneezing my head off since I got up (before my alarm rang, I might add). I don’t know if I’m having an allergic reaction to something or what the hell’s going on, but all this sneezing is driving me batty.

Mood: sleepy-eyed
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: Roger, Rick & Marilyn on CHUM-FM
Hair: wild ‘n wooly

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