Dream Themes

Cars one night, something else the next. And the dreams continue. Last night’s dream theme was definitely exes. In the … More

Where Is the Moon?

Like seriously, is the moon new or full or waning or doing something else crazy? Again? So soon? Because the … More

More Stuff

This morning I sat in my kitchen and wrote two pages long-hand. Notes on a play that I’ve been swirling … More

Morning Pages

There’s no mistaking it now, winter (such as it was) is done, spring has sprung in a big way. I … More

Back On the Ball

The thing about going away for weeks on end is the disorientation when you return. It takes a few days … More

In Dreams

Make it stop! Enough already! I’m exhausted, not sleeping well, too many dreams. Crazy things — . . . Stacy … More


I’m addicted to Leonard Cohen radio on Pandora.com. Just added my favourites from there to the blog sidebar. ***** I … More

TO Pics

I’m having a busy March Break with lots of visitors, lots of kids. No time for blogging. Stacy sent me … More

Fat Lady Sang

I sucked. Scored a whopping 10. Got all the actors and actresses right, and the writing of course, fluked a … More