Farewell Reading Week

Last week was good because most of the kids went away for spring fling. There was one boy here (or maybe the girl), whoever it was, they were so quiet you never knew when they were in the house or not unless they happened to flush the toilet while you were showering. Actually, I think all the kids are pretty quiet, it’s just that one heavy-footed partier with the bedroom next to mine. When he’s in the house, you know it. The other three could’ve been here all last week, you’d never know. But the absence of the guy on the other side of the wall was noted as soon as he vacated. I missed him the very first night.

And now he’s back. And it’s only Tuesday night, yet the dooryard is full of screaming kids rolling around in the snow, getting high and acting out. Which is fine. I used to enjoy screaming and rolling around in the snow and getting high on Tuesday night too. You could still twist my arm, get me to act out, act up, if there just wasn’t so much editing and reading and writing and otherwise quiet work needing my sober concentration. Sometimes I just wanna scream GET A JOB ALREADY!

I know really I’m just jealous I don’t get to cut class every Wednesday morning. That’s what it is.

Ah, shit! Now the party’s moved into his bedroom . . . someone just fell into the closet over there, which means they very nearly came through my wall. It’ll be nice when they vacate for summer.

Mood: exasperated and a little worried I’m developing a repetitive strain injury
Drinking: tea and water
Listening To: On the Run, Sam Roberts
Hair: pulled back, today i want to grow it to my ankles, so i can wrap it around my body and keep warm next winter

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