Hello Gorgeous!

It’s Oscar Day and I’m fairly certain mister Pink Panther may be finding another home for the year šŸ˜¦ I just sent Jenn my picks, which I quickly whipped up with no thought and sometimes no idea what I had even chosen. Oy! Not the recipe for success. Last year, I actually did research. Made decisions that went against my gut, against my heart. This year it’s all guts and probably no glory. Oh well. It’s always fun to play along. Though I wish I could be at the party. I hear Darcey’s been doing the research . . . hmmm . . . we’ll see.

Last night I watched Stolen Summer, the movie that won the first season of Project Greenlight (was there more than one season?) You know it was pretty good, not that bad. I mean if you went into it with zero expectations, believing this may indeed be the worst movie you’d ever watch in your life, you’d be pleasantly surprised — it comes nowhere near Gigli. But what I found particularly interesting were the clips from the tv show. I’ve zipped the first season dvds, so that’ll be interesting watching I’m sure, to see the process for this first-time director. You miss so much tv when you don’t have HBO, and all those other specialty channels.

Later I watched Before Sunrise back-to-back with Before Sunset. I wanted to see Vienna and Paris. I wanted to feel like I was walking around foreign cities. It worked. The dialogue in those films is so great. I love them. It’s been awhile, and I’m not sure I’ve ever watched them together like that. I saw things I hadn’t before, contrasts from the first to second. God, I love those movies!

Anyway, I wanted to feel like I was walking in foreign (European) cities because I have a big decision to make, a decision that could lead me to Amsterdam this fall. But it’s HUGE. It’s a challenge that will change my life forever on so many levels. I need to think really long and hard before committing myself. More on that later.

Mood: scattered in freezing rain
Drinking: coffee, with lots of cream
Listening To: Silver Lining, Steve Poltz (my new favourite song! I love this!)
Hair: due for some pre-award ceremony pampering

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