Where Have All the Good People Gone?

** Edited Wednesday March 15th 10 a.m.
Well I wanted to post some pictures from the Sam Roberts concert Friday night. But there’s some sort of problem and I can’t upload to Blogger. Which makes absolutely no difference whatsoever anyway because I can’t get the damn pictures off the card anyway because the reader quit again. Which pretty much doesn’t fucking matter because only having 1.0 MP and 2x digital zoom to work with on the first HP digital camera ever made, the pictures pretty much suck. Someday, somehow, when I win the lotto or get a real job, as god is my witness, I WILL HAVE A FULLY FUNCTIONAL CAMERA!!

Sherry took stills that I’m sure turned out much better. Course I can’t post them here, being in film and all that. But she’ll likely get doubles so I can have a set.

Okay, enough about that. The concert itself was fantastic! I really liked the venue, will totally go back to see anyone else who comes to play there. Sam Roberts was an amazing performer. If you ever get the chance to see him, GO!! Seriously, beg, borrow, rob old ladies, but get there somehow. You won’t be sorry. Now I know why listening to his tunes always makes me want to dance . . . because the man can dance! He can’t keep still. The Novaks were really good too. Amazing drummer! We were a little bit too close to the stage though, when they performed, and the sound sucked because we were in front of the speakers, couldn’t understand a word the man said. Later we moved back and all was great.

** Edited Wednesday March 15th 10 a.m.

Mood: a little pissy/but not anymore
Drinking: cold effing coffee/freshly brewed today
Listening To: Desire, U2/ No Rolling Back, Jay Farrar
Hair: what would it look like if i just snipped the ponytail off?/still haven’t snipped off the ponytail thinking bout colour today

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