Paying Attention

My horoscope told me to pay particular attention to the messages in my dreams this week. And I have been. … More

Moving Week

It’s turn-over time in my fair town. People have been on the move quietly for a few weeks, but now … More

The Other Song

She’s Always A Woman(Billy Joel) She can kill with a smileShe can wound with her eyesShe can ruin your faith … More


Another gorgeous day! Had such a wonderful time yesterday. Art show was amazing. Stayed up until after 3 am drinking … More


Heading to Moncton later today. Supper with friends at a Thai restaurant, then going to Elaine Amyot’s opening at a … More


can i touch you to see if you’re real? what a fucking night. dreams. not even dreams. recurring nightmares. i’m … More

Too Much

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More Songs

After yesterday’s post about the song I got to thinking about other songs. I’ve had a lot of boyfriends, a … More