Grey dreary day. Achy. Slept late. Wings in the oven for dinner with tossed romaine and slabs of pumpernickle. One glass of wine left in the bottle gifted to me last weekend. Yesterday’s hike was fabulous. Chickadees landed on my palm and took seeds. One even lingered picking over the seeds until finding just the right one. Several squirrels. A beautiful golden retriever wet from a swim in the lake. Even a snake. Great conversation. Couldn’t ask for a better afternoon.

A Bridget Jones moment enroute to dinner last night. Strutting along the sidewalk head held high, hair silky and flowing, face flawless and dewy, wearing high-heeled shoes, sheer black blouse, grey wool dress jacket, best new jeans, white gold and diamond K round my neck, carrying plant in full bloom for host gift, turning young male heads and feeling quite happy about it . . . a woman behind me on the sidewalk yells, “Don’t look down!” Casually turning my head to see what she’s talking about, smiling, keep strutting as I see a man on a roof, smile at him, step off the sidewalk, go over on my ankle, pitch forward onto neighbour’s lawn landing on knees and one hand (other hand saves the plant), people rushing from all over to rescue me while I lay there laughing my guts out and trying in vain to erase grass stains off my not so new anymore jeans. No matter. I arrived fashionably late but alive and humbled. Had a great evening, super company, wonderful food and drinks. Very nice time. Thinking I should start inviting more people to my place. I’m not really equipped for big dinner parties, but one or two at a time should be feasible. It’s been a difficult few months financially since the Toronto trip, but I should see the light at the end of the tunnel soon. And with more money I should be able to do more things. One would hope.

Stacy is coming in a couple of weeks for the weekend. I can’t wait! It’s going to be a jam-packed visit, lots going on. Frye Fest. Natural Healing Expo. Gigantic Flea Market. Much good food and drinks I’m sure. With any luck I’ll have some cash by then.

Mood: splitting headache
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: nothing right now, just shut down itunes
Hair: ponied

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