According to My Horoscope . . .

my period of quiet reflection is ending (thank you jesus!) and I’m moving into a strong period of action. Finally! I couldn’t handle another day of brooding, and the dreams! Oh my God, the dreams! And now I expect to hear from all my fellow Geminis (you know who you are) who I suspect have also been in quiet reflection, given that I haven’t heard a peep in weeks. Come out, come out, wherever you are, time for lights, camera, action!

Next Wednesday I head to Miramichi for a week or so, that should throw me off track pretty good. Usually I try to keep visits brief, arrive Wednesday evening and leave on Sunday morning . . . even that can be too long. But this time I have too many committments. I arrive Wednesday evening, Thursday I get my hair cut and give a workshop at the Access Centre, Friday I’ll check in with the Mighty Miramichi, Saturday I’m taking an all-day workshop at NBCC-Miramichi, Sunday is Anna’s birthday, Monday will have to be girl’s nite out at the movies if anything’s playing and people are available, Tuesday is Stacy’s housewarming (and also my friend Marilyn is reading at the art gallery in Chatham, but sadly I won’t be able to attend), Wednesday is Abby’s birthday, and Thursday morning I’ll return to Sackville. Not much spare time in there.

It’s not that I don’t like going, it’s just that my schedule get’s all screwed up and I don’t seem like I bounce back very quickly. I return exhausted and to chaos. But not this time! I’m taking advantage of this shift into action to get all my ducks in a row and do everything that needs doing to make this trip as unstressful and productive as possible. And that means much work! Much!

I’ve got company coming the first weekend in June. Yay! We’re gonna have so much fun! Munchies, martinis, milkshakes, maybe even MEN! Yep, I’m talking single girl friend, to do single girl stuff. This is a rare and wonderful treat. I’m certainly looking forward to it. And yet another good reason to haul ass this week in prep for my excursion so I can rest up for her visit when I return and not have to run around like a fool finishing my spring cleaning or other crazy things.

In completely unrelated news, since deciding my blog is fodder for something more, I seem to be reluctant to write anything here. I mean anything reflective, about any of my adventures. Things pop into my head, but I’m not posting them. I don’t seem to have the freedom to say whatever I want anymore. Need to work on giving myself permission. Yeah, give myself a good talking to. I’ll work on that.

Mood: on the upswing
Drinking: luke warm coffee, the laura secord dark roast special (2 for 10, what a steal!) with real cream
Listening To: birds chirping
Hair: recently clipped a pic, think short shag, razored edges, rock star, yeah!

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