tommy & stuff

I’m so psyched about Rock Star Supernova that Tommy Lee has totally joined the cast of my dreams. He’s just … More


Humidy’s high. Not good for my joints. Not good for sleeping. Not good for alertness or brain power or anything … More

You Spin Me Round

Setting for your story: at a dance Starting phrase for your story: He told me Four words you must include … More

New Blog

Not mine. Don’t panic. I have enough problems keeping up with all the blogs I’m currently looking after. On the … More

Another Spin

Here are your Story Spinner results….. Setting for your story: at a square dance Starting phrase for your story: If … More

New Week Begins

From my Weekly Horoscope Forecast for June 26 to July 02: ” . . . You have been through a … More


Need to do more timed exercises. So I found this site. Keeping in mind the three Os (Objective, Obstacle, Outcome). … More

Someday I’ll Be Great

“The difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is … More


Restless. Finicky. Panicked. Heart palpitations. Twitchy toes. Breathe. Just breathe. At any moment I could fall apart. Spontaneously combust. Implode. … More

Another Group of Writers

Tonight I met with a different group of writers. Their meetings are different than the group I’ve been with almost … More