Return to Bagtown

Back again! I am so achy and tired from a week plus away from home sweet home and damp weather messing with my bones. OY!

Train was over a half hour late into Miramichi, a good hour late into Sackville. I was the only non-singing, non-chorale, non-senior citizen in coach car #2 aboard the Ocean to Halifax. Some of the Miramichi Melodies embarked when I did. The car was so insane I couldn’t even get to a window to wave bye bye to Abby. She waved but I could tell she couldn’t see me. The old girls sang hyms and show tunes all the way. I could not have stood it another 10 minutes. Seriously. I would have slit my wrists if I had to stay on there until Amherst even. Grated on my last nerve. A whole car load of baby blue sweatshirted ladies headed to Truro for some sort of reunion or competition or who knows what. So loud! I tried to read. Went to the bathroom (I NEVER do that! but I really had to go, extra large double cream due to the extra parking lot wait) tried the door, it opened . . . on a lady! Excuse me. Sorry. Tried the other door, it opened . . . on another lady! Holy crap, can’t anyone lock a door?

Stacy and I went to see The DaVinci Code. I’m not big on Tom Hanks, but he didn’t bother me in this one. He was probably the best part. Of course, I’m also not big on Ron Howard movies, and there was no escaping that this was a Ron Howard film. And for some reason I actually seemed to know all the religious crap beforehand, even though I didn’t read the book. The movie, like the book, needed some freaking editing as it dragged on and on. There were some good scenes, but WAY too much telling. One of those “get on with it already” flicks. The albino was just Paul Bettany with Billy Idol hair. I totally would not have known he was an albino if I hadn’t read that terrible line quoted in the New York Times review (“Almost inconceivably, the gun into which she was now staring was clutched in the pale hand of an enormous albino with long white hair.”) and if Stacy hadn’t said something about him being an albino when his character came onto the scene.

Birthday parties went well. Moving in shower was good. Workshop went fine. And now I won’t be back to that part of the province until the August long weekend when I plan ot attend the annual family thing . . . really.

Mood: beyond sleepy
Drinking: tea, orange pekoe (caffeine) with a splash of skim milk
Listening To: entertainment tonight canada
Hair: SASSY!

2 thoughts on “Return to Bagtown

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  1. ’bout time you got back to your loyal readers! missed you much…need more details on the hair, sassy just don’t cut it, a friend took your work shop and I now see she is writing for bnm said you were very good, kudos to you girlfriend.


  2. Thanks! I will charge my camera batteries and take some hair pics for posting. But it is SHORT! Actually shorter than I intended. But my hair grows quickly so it won’t be long before it is at the length I wanted. Meanwhile, how much am I loving not having to comb or frig with or do anything with my hair?! Lovin’ it!


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