Another Spin

Here are your Story Spinner results…..

Setting for your story: at a square dance

Starting phrase for your story: If I could relive a day

Four words you must include in your story: Jello, Chew, Ostrich, Belly Flop

15 minutes on the clock . . .

And GO!

If I could relive a day it would not be the day Great Aunt Louise got married. Her sixth, his fourth, and they wanted to shake things up a little. Do something just a little different. But with 10 weddings between them, new ideas were hard to come by. Barefoot on the beach, aboard a hot air balloon, with a view of the Eiffel Tower–done, done, done. So they rounded everyone up, herded us out to a Colarado Dude Ranch, for the biggest hoe-down of the year complete with square dancing and weathered old cowboys sucking on a chew of tobacco. Jello moulds, belly flops into the duck pond, the smell of manure, and a straw itchyness that never went away–this was one classy affair, rivalled only by Aunt Lousie’s third nuptials of the burlesque theme for which hundreds of ostrich sacrificed their feathers. Oh, there’s nothing like a good wedding to bring a family closer. But these nuptials in particular . . . this wedding especially needs to be forgotten. Because that was the day I met Hank. Sensible, direct, broad-shouldered, man of few words, Hank. I wish I had never laid eyes on him.

And time. And again I’m in the west. For godsake! What is up with that?! And again, I’ve only got a beginning, not a story and no idea really where I was heading. Blech! I suck at this. But hey, why do you think meeting Hank was a day not worth reliving? Lets bandy about some ideas, see where this goes.

Mood: hungry
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: traffic in the rain
Hair: oh boy!

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