Cocoon Mode

I don’t know what it is, all the socializing of last weekend, all the weather related stress of the past … More

And So It Is

Good weekend with Trish. Details later. This morning I go to Moncton to visit our little girl in hospital. Friday … More

Who Says?

When Stacy and I were kids we used to make games. Like board games. I can’t remember actually playing these … More

Knew It

Our girl Jenny just wasn’t Rock Star material after all. I’m starting to wonder if I didn’t have her mixed … More

Why We Love the Evil Doctor

“I hope someone here is my half-brother.” Mood: laughing my guts outDrinking: waterListening To: Def LeppardHair: a little wonky

Kevin & Joel

Clerks II opens Friday. I can’t imagine that it’ll play on the one screen in this town, but I’ve got … More

Last Night

Terrible storm. Blech! I hate lightning. Scary stuff. But even scarier might have been the picture of me sitting in … More


good lord how is anyone supposed to function in this weather?! it’s so hazy outside! i’m chronicly nauseous. clammy to … More

Little Things I Love

In Intermission when John tells Oscar that it was his idea to break up, in order to test Deirdre. Oscar … More