Been Poorly

You know I’m feeling sickly when it takes me a week to wash, dry and fold a single load of towels. I started them on Monday and put them away a couple of hours ago. Laundry is my thing. The rumbling tumbling, slipping warm material hand to hand, soothes me. The mindless act of folding calms me. It’s like meditation, gives me much needed moments of stillness. Normally I do at least one little load of laundry every day. Not this week. This week I did one load all week.

I also went to the post office only one time, which means I’ve only been outside once all week. Most of the week I’ve been crashed on my futon sucking back chocolate pudding, black plums, fresh cherries and local strawberries. Shifting pillows and blankets to support and soothe aching limbs and organs. A couple of days ago I broke out in a rash. Not sure why. Stress and/or heat related no doubt. I feel slightly more human today, yet the rash remains for now. In recent years I have become one of those people who breaks out in hives when stressed. I never used to be that girl 😦

I downloaded Skype to better communicate with the mighty miramichi, but I had to turn it off because i keep getting calls from arab men i don’t know. I don’t answer, but still, I hadn’t realised it was possible to just call up anyone whether you’re buddies or not.

Today is a good day to feel better, to go out and join the world. The sun is shining but the wind is blowing so the temperatures are not unbearable. Today I will go to the post office and other places, clean my kitchen of discarded pits and stems and pudding plastics, and get back to the business of life.

Mood: improved
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: wind, birds, squirrels, whirring fan, lawnmower man, traffic
Hair: oh boy! ask me later

2 thoughts on “Been Poorly

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  1. So glad to hear you’re feeling better.

    I’ve never had fresh cherries but always wanted to try…are they kinda sour or just sweet?

    Those Arab men… maybe there’s a setting to not allow non-buddies? But I’m sure you thought of that.


  2. Fresh cherries are my absolute favourite, even above and beyond chocolate dipped strawberries. I would eat cherries until I puked. But damn! They are mostly a very expensive indulgence.


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