Kevin & Joel

Clerks II opens Friday. I can’t imagine that it’ll play on the one screen in this town, but I’ve got my fingers crossed that it’ll run for a bit in Miramichi and that I can catch it when I’m through there in a couple of weeks. Chances are slim though, I might have to wait for the dvd. Clerks was genius and I’m really looking forward to the sequel. Anyway, I’m a huge Kevin Smith fan, I read his blog religiously. So today he posted an outraged (and rightly so) rant about how film critic Joel Siegel rudely disrupted a screening of Clerks II instead of just leaving quietly 40 minutes in when he decided the flick wasn’t for him. Tonight I checked back and saw the post had been updated with audio from an appearance Kevin did on Opie and Anthony where they called Joel Siegel. Funny stuff! Go read, listen. Cracks me up. But I can’t get through the Clerks II trailer without cracking up. I want one of Jay’s Got Christ? tees.

Mood: punny 🙂
Drinking: water
Listening To: Undivided, Bon Jovi
Hair: dye purchased today

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  1. If it’s playing when you come up, I want to go with. I just read his rant. Too funny! Waiting for the audio to download.


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