And So It Is

Good weekend with Trish. Details later. This morning I go to Moncton to visit our little girl in hospital. Friday all was well. Saturday Jules had diabetes. Just that quick. Shell shocked. I go bearing gifts of books and paper and crayons and pencils and pink things that spell out friendship and hope. She is doing well, proud of her strength, assuring the adults there’s no need to worry, already pricking her finger herself. She is six years old, still spinning and singing and smiling. Meanwhile her parents take turns crying, my mother and I cry when we talk to her on the phone. I cry when I talk to someone new and tell them about it for the first time. I expect I will cry when I see her. It’s hard to watch a child receive a life sentence. Yes, it could be worse. But it could’ve been so much better.

Mood: uncertain
Drinking: organic french roast with cream
Listening To: field being bush-hogged, ambulance screaming past
Hair: flippy

3 thoughts on “And So It Is

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  1. I just heard about the little girl in Moncton this morning before I read your blog.I was shocked too.I hope she is doing well.You will all be in my thoughts.


  2. Thanks. She is a real trooper. I told her that and she asked me what trooper meant. I said troopers were the bravest and strongest of all the soldiers. She smiled.


  3. God love her…we’re all sad & shocked on my end too, and yes, glad it wasn’t worse, but that doesn’t make it any better, like you say. She has such a great spirit. We’re all going to learn something from her.


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