Yesterday was not a good day. My knees are bad right now. Aching, stiff, giving out on me, popping, sticking … More

Sleep Deprived

Well no, I’m not really deprived. I mean I’m in bed for the requisite hours. It’s just the dreams man! … More

Thought for the Day

“Do not ask God to guide your footsteps if you are not willing to move your feet.” — Unknown That’s … More

Catch My Disease

Last night during a particularly potent bout of SNA, when all the channels had gone into infomercials and I was … More

Move Along

Dreams are off the hook! Last night I was on trial. It was a bogus charge. I hadn’t actually done … More


I ate meat last night. Not much, but a little bit. And it made me frigging sick. I don’t know … More

Spinning Me Round

I didn’t do so good yesterday. Tired. Yes, I still ate and walked and did my exercises, but I never … More

Don’t Give Up

Tried the vanilla flavoured rice milk today. Blech! Blech! Blech! The soy is practically pleasant in comparison. Cream will be … More