Little Bit of Soul

Awake at 7:50 this morning. No alarm. Just rested, I guess. Considering my clock runs about 20 minutes fast, that makes it more like 7:30. There’s nothing like Sunday morning! I do enjoy it. Accomplished many things yesterday in the way of slapping myself upside the head. The journey continues today. Feeling optimistic.

Watched Holiday Inn and Going My Way last night. A Bing Crosby double-bill. With Cornation Street having Christmas all week, is it any wonder I want snow? Cornation Street has been very festive, with everyone wearing their cracker crowns during dinner and playing games. Makes me want a game night. And turkey. Makes me want turkey in a big way! 😀

I came here intent on writing about something, but by the time I arrived I forgot what it was that I intended to say. Oh well. Big tv night with the premier of The Amazing Race. Looks like the pilot for Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is airing on at least one channel tonight. Also Six Feet Under’s final season continues on Showcase at 11. I’ll be disappointed to see it finish. Anyway enough resting on my laurels, lots to do.

Mood: excellent
Drinking: folgers with soy
Listening To: When You Were Young, The Killers
Hair: prickly blonde bed head

2 thoughts on “Little Bit of Soul

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  1. The Amazing Race starts tonight? I wonder what time it is on here. And I don’t want to miss Studio… it looks good! Man do I miss my xpressvu. Here we don’t even have a guide channel. The only way to know what is on is to flick. Did you catch that new show with Anne Heche. I only seen the last of it. It was repeated on here yesterday in the afternoon. It looked pretty good. There was also a new sitcom on too, but I have no idea what it is called.


  2. I found an online tv guide from my cable service provider. Not having satellite is hard because you can’t timeshift to the west coast, once you miss a show it’s gone. The Amazing Race starts tonight on CTV, yes. Studio 60 is only airing on one channel (ATV or ASN I think) at like 7pm, I don’t see it on the American Network for tonight. Didn’t catch Ann Heche’s program. Trying not to pick up too many.


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