Bad day. Out of sorts. Same shit. Sigh. I can’t be happy like this. I need to re-assess the situation. … More

Back Home Weather

Still windy. Hail warning, though sun’s out at the moment. Another party in my dreams last night. This one not … More

Goodbye My Lover

What a weekend! Crazy weather. Wind and rain drowning out the music, the tv. Some lightning and thunder. Some wet … More

In My Heaven

Another late night last night. Couldn’t sleep. Anxiety in the middle of the week. Got up and worked for almost … More

For Reasons Unknown

Wicked crazy dream last night. It’s possible I am being influenced by the television. I’m terrified to turn it off … More

I am Pissed

There may be mice, squirrels, or worse nesting in the walls of my house. Yes! I am freaking out thank … More

Too Little Too Late

As expected when one has a terrible bout of Sunday Night Anxiety, I slept late. You can’t get up at … More

What the F@#&?!

I didn’t think I’d have Sunday Night Anxiety tonight. I really didn’t. Why not? Well, I have nothing to be … More


Recently I watched a film called Fathers and Sons. Great film! Well worth renting if you haven’t seen it. Overall, … More