Beginning to Look a Lot Like . . .

Yeah, another meme. No time to blog.

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? gift bags. i’m not a good wrapper
2. Real tree or artificial? i like a real one, but i’ve never put up one of my own so i’ve never had to deal with watering, spills, etc. likely an artificial is more my speed
3. When do you put up the tree? mom usually puts hers up pretty early, a couple of weeks before christmas. if i were doing my own tree i’d have it up early in december
4.When do you take the tree down? after new year’s
5. Do you like eggnog? nope
6. Favorite gift received as a child? when i was 14 i got a huge ghetto blaster that i loved but that’s not really a child . . . umm . . . the saturday night fever soundtrack meant a lot to me
7. Do you have a nativity scene? no and nor will i ever
8. Hardest person to buy for? stacy, she’s fussy and she has everything
9. Easiest person to buy for? lee, anything nascar and he acts the same if he loves it as he does if he hates it so there’s no pressure to get a reaction
10. Mail or email Christmas cards? email, i’ve never sent mail ones before
11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? a sweatshirt
12. Favorite Christmas Movie? Love Actually
13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? November
14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? i don’t think so
15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? nachos? lol i’m not really into the turkey and stuffing scene
16. Clear lights or colored on the tree? either
17. Favorite Christmas song? We Three Kings
18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? travel to the folks
19. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeers? maybe so
20. Angel on the tree top or a star? either
21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? Eve
22. Most annoying thing about this time of year? crazy mall shopping, i try to avoid
23. Does Santa wrap your gifts or leave them unwrapped? santa doesn’t come anymore, if he did he’d leave things unwrapped

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Song Sung Blue

Borrowed from Life as I know it. A meme. Google the top 100 songs from the year you graduated from high school, bold the ones you loved (then, anyways!), strikeout the ones you hated, and leave the others plain.

1987. I don’t remember much about what we were listening to that year. Never Say Goodbye was our prom theme, but it wasn’t my favourite Jon Bon song by any stretch. The band hadn’t learned how to play it, so they only did so one time and instead played Starship’s Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now many times. I’m assuming because it was the song most schools chose as their theme that year. I was insane the first half of the year with worry about moving to Toronto. The second half of the year I was insane with the culture shock of moving to Toronto. We listened to Whitesnake a lot, I remember. I think someone was on a Judd’s kick then. We danced to Mony Mony. I started my education into 70’s rock and Toronto’s band scene. As for the list, if I can’t remember the song or if I was indifferent to it, I’ve left it untouched.

1. “Faith”…..George Michael
2. “Alone”…..Heart
3. “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” …..Whitney Houston
4. “C’est la Vie”…..Robbie Nevil
5. “Shake You Down”…..Gregory Abbott
6. “La Bamba”…..Los Lobos
7. “Livin’ On A Prayer”…..Bon Jovi
8. “Here I Go Again”…..Whitesnake
9. “Heaven Is A Place On Earth”…..Belinda Carlisle
10. “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life”…..Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes
11. “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now”…..Starship
12. “I Think We’re Alone Now”…..Tiffany
13. “With Or Without You”…..U2
14. “At This Moment”…..Billy Vera and the Beaters
15. “Keep Your Hands To Yourself”…..Georgia Satellites
16. “Heart And Soul”…..T’Pau
17. “Open Your Heart”…..Madonna
18. “Didn’t We Almost Have It All”…..Whitney Houston
19. “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”…..U2
20. “Looking For A New Love”…..Jody Watley
21. “Don’t Dream It’s Over”…..Crowded House
22. “Is This Love”…..Whitesnake
23. “Shake Your Love”…..Debbie Gibson
24. “Shakedown”…..Bob Seger
25. “Notorious”…..Duran Duran
26. “I Want Your Sex”…..George Michael
27. “The Lady In Red”…..Chris DeBurgh
28. “Always”…..Atlantic Starr
29. “Head To Toe”…..Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam
30. “Mony Mony”…..Billy Idol
31. “Only In My Dreams”…..Debbie Gibson
32. “Land Of Confusion”…..Genesis
33. “Lost In Emotion”….Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam
34. “Should’ve Known Better”…..Richard Marx
35. “You Keep Me Hanging On”…..Kim Wilde
36. “Touch Me (I Want Your Body)”…..Samantha Fox
37. “Lean On Me”…..Club Nouveau
38. “Catch Me (I’m Falling)”…..Poison
39. “I Knew You Were Waiting”…..Aretha Franklin & George Michael
40. “(I Just) Died In Your Arms”…..Cutting Crew
41. “Control”…..Janet Jackson
42. “Somewhere Out There”…..Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram
43. “U Got The Look”…..Prince
44. “Don’t You Want Me”…..Jody Watley
45. “Jacob’s Ladder”…..Huey Lewis and the News
46. “I Heard A Rumour”…..Bananarama
47. “Little Lies”…..Fleetwood Mac
48. “Songbird”…..Kenny G
49. “Breakout”…..Swing Out Sister
50. “Someday”…..Glass Tiger
51. “Bad”…..Michael Jackson
52. “In Too Deep:…..Genesis
53. “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”…..Michael Jackson & Siedah Garrett
54. “La Isla Bonita”…..Madonna
55. “Let’s Wait Awhile”…..Janet Jackson
56. “Luka”…..Suzanne Vega
57. “You Got It All”…..The Jets
58. “Who’s That Girl”…..Madonna
59. “Don’t Mean Nothing”…..Richard Marx
60. “Come On With Me”…..Expose
61. “Will You Still Love Me?”…..Chicago
62. “Wanted Dead Or Alive”…..Bon Jovi
63. “Don’t Disturb This Groove”…..The System
64. “Change Of Heart”…..Cyndi Lauper
65. “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You”…..Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine
66. “Casanova”…..Levert
67. “When Smokey Sings”…..ABC
68.”Is This Love”…..Survivor
69. “The Finer Things”…..Steve Winwood
70. “Rock Steady”…..The Whispers
71. “Big Time”…..Peter Gabriel
72. “Point Of No Return”…..Expose
73. “We’ll Be Together”…..Sting
74. “Something So Strong”…..Crowded House
75. “Victory”…..Kool and the Gang
76. “The One I Love”……R.E.M.
77. “Causing A Commotion”…..Madonna
78. “Sign O’ The Times”…..Prince
79. “Carrie”…..Europe
80. “Mandolin Rain”…..Bruce Hornsby and the Range
81. “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight”…..Genesis
82. “Can’t We Try”…..Dan Hill with Vonda Sheppard
83. “Diamonds”…..Herb Albert
84. “Heart Of The Night”…..Bryan Adams
85. “Let Me Be The One”…..Expose
86. “Brilliant Disguise”…..Bruce Springsteen
87. “Midnight Blue”…..Lou Gramm
88. “Just To See Her”…..Smokey Robinson
89. “Doing It All For My Baby”…..Huey Lewis and the News
90. “Valerie”…..Steve Winwood
91. “Cross My Broken Heart”…..The Jets
92. “Ballerina Girl”…..Lionel Richie
93. “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You”…..Glenn Medeiros
94. “It’s A Sin”…..Pet Shop Boys
95. “I’ve Been In Love Before”…..Cutting Crew
96. “Wipeout”…..Fat Boys & Beach Boys
97. “Big Love”…..Fleetwood Mac
98. “Respect Yourself”…..Bruce Willis
99. “Who Will You Run To?…..Heart
100. “Right On Track”…..Breakfast Club

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Cluttered Home/Cluttered Mind

My desk looks like a bomb went off on it. Paper everywhere. I should take a minute to tidy as it will help me function better in the long run. Up at a decent time this morning. Much to do before departing tomorrow and starting to freak out about bnm stories. Driving me crazy. Writing is hard. Rock Star Supernova debut on Jimmy Kimmel live tonight. Too late for people who actually sleep. Though it can be pvred for those with the technology.

Was beauty sunny morn only an hour ago, now clouding over, back to grey. Damn! And I had high hopes, felt like going for a walk and everything.

I need to do a pros/cons list for moving. I’m torn.

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Your Chief

Well I survived the Saint John excursion. I was extremely tired by the time I got back home, but restless, so I couldn’t sleep. I ended up sleeping all day yesterday. Seriously, Saint John was very good. The board meeting went well. Lunch was . . . well, just okay with a vegetarian thin crust pizza that was not so thin and pretty soggy . . . but fabulous because I got to meet Alistair Macleod and talk about Bread ‘n Molasses and the Miramichi and writing and making movies and lots of fun stuff. Then we went to his talk. He’s a great speaker. Quite funny. And I came away with a new way of looking at my writing, which is always cool. I ran into an old friend who works at the Arts Centre and I hadn’t seen for quite some time, which was a great surprise. He is supposed to email me, as I lost all his contact info in the great computer crash of 2006. So, if you’re reading this, email me so I may know you once again and never drop in unexpectedly and unannounced again đŸ™‚ The playwriting workshop in the afternoon was jam-packed with info and for me, very inspirational. I am going to write a play! I think I can do it! I think I know how now! Yay! The drive home didn’t seem to take as long as the drive in. We were back in no time. I enjoyed vegetable samosas with mango chutney for dinner and tried to crash early. I did fall asleep on the futon in front of the tv for about 20 minutes. Then I got up and went to bed only to roll round and round, restless. So I went back to the futon in front of the tv and fell asleep for another 20 minutes. Tried the bed again, same thing, round and round. Finally I just went to the futon, turned on the tv and stayed there. Not sure why I needed to sleep on metal bars with noise in the background, but there you go. I slept.

I leave for Miramichi on Wednesday. Back again Saturday. Just in time for a one-nite visit from Stacy, followed by a visit from Trish on Monday (last I heard). So, lots on the go. BnM production week. Oh boy! Lots of work to do.

I floated the idea of my moving to the Sackville ladies . . . did not go over well. I don’t know what to do. I’m torn. Luckily there’s lots of time to figure this thing out before my lease is up.

Better get to work.

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An Early Start

Going to Saint John this morning for WFNB board meeting and Fall Fair. Freaked out about getting up so early. Accidentally changed the time on my clock when I set the alarm. Yep. So instead of getting up at 5 . . . I got up at 4. Oy! But that’s all right. I wasn’t really sleeping anyway. I never can when I know I’ve got to get up and be ready to go someplace early. It just goes against my nature. I should’ve been a celebrity. You know, like a rock star or something, where you get paid to function at night. I am highly functional between 11pm and 2am.

Listening to the new Supernova CD. You can too. Click Here. Loving it! Loving all the tracks so far! Very cool. Now, if they were to come to NB, I think I’d have to go see.

In other news . . . I’m thinking of moving in the spring when my lease is up. Thinking of going back to Miramichi. Chatham most likely. Where I will be close to work. But perhaps Douglastown. Can’t see me in Newcastle, but hey, I never thought I’d be moving again so soon, so nothing would surprise me. I’ve been thinking about it for a little while, started testing the notion out on people this week. So far, the response is all encouraging. I really love Sackville, will be sad to leave, but I don’t know that I’m supposed to be here now. I’m feeling more and more like my time here is done, like I’ve got what I was supposed to get and now it’s time to move on to something new. Keep you posted on that.

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“Get up and dance, get up and smile, get up and drink to the days that are gone in the shortest while.”– Simon Fowler

Good morning! If the recent events of Hurricane Katrina and Rita haven’t taught us the value and importance of a moment, think about the above quote. Isn’t that a wonderful, yet bittersweet quote?

It reminds us of how what is all around us — won’t last forever. Yet, in the same breath, it reminds us to dance and smile and celebrate. Celebrate every moment, and don’t worry about the small things in life that tend to weigh us down.

What will you do today to celebrate the fact that you are here? To celebrate what you have that is good in your life?

Your Turn:

Review your goals. If you have not been using the three step action list diligently, begin today. What do you want to accomplish by the end of November? By the end of this year? Write your goals down. Research shows that writing your goals down increases your odds of success by over 70%. Make a commitment to yourself to step forward each day this month. If you haven’t yet started the Challenge, begin today. You are worth it.

Your Affirmation:

Each day I take a step forward toward my goals. As I take that step, I will laugh, smile and dance.

From the Change Your Life daily newsletter I receive every day.

A couple of weeks ago I was showing a friend my list of 101 Things. I carry around a hard copy in my wallet. She said, “Oh, you must be a goal-oriented person.” I nearly laughed. Me? Goal-oriented? I mean yeah, for the purpose of my resume, I’ve been goal-oriented since the early 90’s, but not for one minute did I ever believe that I was really that kind of a person. Until I thought about it. I do make lists of things that I want to do and then I do them and cross them off. At New Year’s I’ll set some goals for the coming year and take a look back at how well I did at achieving the things I set out for myself to accomplish this past year. I’ve been doing that for a really long time now. And on top of that, this year I started my 101 Things. So yeah, I must really be goal-oriented! Wow! How did that happen? This just goes to prove that you will evolve into the things you tell yourself that you are. It’s been written on my resume for years. I’ve thrown the term around at every job interview I’ve ever went on (and there have been LOTS). And now I’m not even lying — I AM GOAL-ORIENTED!

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Make it stop! I wanna get off! This grey weather and rain is enough to drive a person insane. Like seriously crazy. My arthritis is acting up in my knees. It’s rained for two weeks and nothing in the forecast but rain until Sunday when it will be cloudy with a chance of sunny periods. Oy! It’s like night all the time, screwing with my system.

So, I’m going to Saint John on Saturday for the WFNB Fall Fair. I’ve got to be there early for a director’s meeting. I’m being picked up at 6:15 am. Six-fifteen! In the morning! Oh boy. That’ll be a challenge. What kind of a great day is that going to be. If I got shit-faced drunk Friday night I might be okay that early. I tend to function better on less when I’m impaired. Years of experience I guess. It’s very difficult for me to get to sleep before 3am. I go to bed, I close my eyes, but nothing happens. I’ll have to get up at 5 . . . 5:30 at the absolute latest . . . to be ready to leave by 6:15. That’s not a whole lot of sleep time in the middle. It wouldn’t be so bad except I’m taking workshops, I’m having to introduce workshop leaders, I’m going to be writing . . . you don’t really want to be all spazzed out for those things. I could pull an all-niter Thursday, which would put me in a sleepy frame of mind by midnight Friday (yeah, even on an all-niter I can’t calm down before the witching hour) but I risk the whole thing going terribly wrong between 5 and 6 Friday morning (my weak time), when I could possibly crash and not rise again until noon.

Or I could just not have any coffee Friday morning. Meaning I’d never actually wake up, therefore I should be able to drift off by midnight. I’m not asking for much. Five hours and I’m raring to go.

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