CC Blues

I am returned from whirlwind weekend on the Mighty river. The weekend began with my train being almost 4 hours late. What is up with that?! Every frigging time now. Oh well, at least I wasn’t on it when it hit the car. I got to stay home longer and do lots of works before I departed.

My father met me at the station and I helped him manoeuvre the new overpass to the highway. (No, it is not a traffic circle!) I arrived in the land of Barnbonia tightly wound and with no wine in sight. Oy!

Up semi-early Saturday and off to the Mighty office for a BnM meeting with the whole crew. Good stuff! And then a day of backyard exploration with the fearless leader. Chinese at Cunards before a Stedman’s shopping spree. New pub opening soon in Chatham is going to be THE place to be. I can’t wait to go and be snugged! The Monster donairs at the new place in Newcastle are the biggest thing I’ve ever seen! Truly monster proportions. They also have wraps for those not donair inclined. For the first time ever, Stacy and I stepped inside the Black Horse and everything we ever thought about the place turned out to be completely wrong. It’s big! And bright! And clean! With pool tables and Pink Floyd on the jukebox and draught beer that you drink two at a time. It’s not even a little scary. Totally hangable. Who knew? The Bulk Barn is a terrible place to go when you’re hungry. They have the most huge selection of vegetarian and allergy conscious foods at the Sobeys in Douglastown. A McDonald’s large fries is enough to feed a family of four. We found the overpass all on our own and called an early night of it around 11.

Sunday saw my mother’s living room converted to a photo studio as I posed for some apparently necessary staff shots. This after being visited by Munchkins. And then I finally got to visit and see my sister’s new house. It’s beautiful! Big. Open. Fabulous! I grazed on root chips and nachos all evening then stayed up too late and overslept this morning.

Crazy packing and scurry to the train, which decided to run on time for once. Worked by longhand onboard. Cabbed home in blowing snow (only because I wasn’t dressed warm enough, not because I didn’t want to be out in snowflakes). And discovered most of my paycheque is being held (AGAIN!) for six business days. Called the bank. Nothing they can do unless I qualify for a VISA or overdraft with them . . . fat chance of that I think, but I’m gonna try. I have to! This is crazy. Had to transfer my savings to my chequing to ensure the rent doesn’t bounce. Leaving me with $5 cash in pocket until next Tuesday when all my money will be released. So I’m poor. Broke. Again. Even though my bank account is full up. Bah! Humbug! Oh well, at least I have some food. Though no coffee to be found about the place 😦

Mood: wound up
Drinking: water
Listening To: water running outside (tighten the tap, boys! tighten the tap!)
Hair: i don’t want to talk about it

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