Grown-Up Christmas List

I woke at 6 this morning. On my own. No alarm. So I got up. I think it was the moon. The moon had come around and was shining into my window, into my bedroom, onto me. As always, sleeping in moon rays, I dreamed of dead people in mirrors and confessions of crimes against them. This time it was a young woman with long golden hair, kinda curly, hanging in ringlets around her shoulders. She wore a green print dress, sleeveless, empire waist, cut at the knee. She looked calm, but tired. Someone was taking me through a house, hoping I would see the spirits there. An older home, white walls, railings and banisters. It was upstairs in a bedroom with a pile of dirty clothes on the floor that I saw the woman. She was standing behind me while I looked in the mirror and described her to the person who had taken me there. It was only after I started to get into the description of what I thought had happened to her that I realized I couldn’t see myself in the mirror, just the ghost woman. A little flutter of panic and I quickly woke. A bit disturbed. So I got up. Turned on lights. Made coffee. Now, maybe I’ll have eggs and fried tomatoes . . . or pancakes. I made cream cheese scones last night . . . they are more like sugar cookies. Still, they are not hideous.

Another meme for the season. Ten things you love about the holidays:

  1. The Christmas Tree
  2. Carols Piped into the Street
  3. Houses Lit Up at Night
  4. Christmas Eve Celebration at my parent’s house
  5. Seeing the kids open gifts
  6. Buying presents for people
  7. Spending time with family and friends doing things like playing board games that we might not take time for all year round
  8. Snow!
  9. Getting all dressed up to celebrate
  10. Cooking, Bartending for family/ watching movies with my mom

Mood: cheery, tho a bit tired
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: Knock on Wood, Amy Stewart
Hair: darkening up by the weekend

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