10 Best Things That Happened to You This Year

Ok. Good stuff! Here we go!

1. The year started strong with a trip to Toronto where we lived like queens for a couple of days, visited old friends and attended a Bon Jovi concert.

2. This year I became a person who drinks water, eats breakfast more than half the time, rises earlier in the day, gets the trash to the curb every week, saves money, pays bills on time (or weeks before on time), kills creepy crawlies all by herself, keeps her inbox cleaned out, organizes her daily tasks and follows the plan . . . and much more. Yes, technically these are a bunch of things that should be listed separately. Perhaps I’m cheating. But they are all connected — This year I made real strides to becoming a better person, the person I’ve always wanted to be.

3. In March I saw Sam Roberts in concert and he was fabulous!

4. Reading at the Ice House during Fredericton WFNB AGM.

5. Got my hair cut and returned to my naturally short inclinations.

6. Joined the McCann Group and made new creative friends.

7. BnM went into print production.

8. My list of 101 Things in 1001 Days.

9. Many emceeing opportunities arose (AGM, Cafe Poetry Reading, Side by Side)

10. Reconnected with roots and family, shared many good times with friends and family.

Mood: a little spaced out
Drinking: coffee with cream
Listening To: keyboard clicks
Hair: in my eyes

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