I’m pretty wiped out today. Totally blaming the Arctic air in the Wind Chill for this insane flare-up.

Wind chill warning for Moncton and southeast New Brunswick continued

Extreme wind chill values of minus 35 to minus 40 expected tonight and Wednesday morning.

Cold Arctic air will continue to flood into the province tonight and temperatures will plunge several degrees below seasonal values. Brisk northwest winds combined with the cold temperatures will result in extreme wind chill values of minus 35 to minus 40 tonight. These extreme wind chills will persist Wednesday morning.

EVERYTHING ACHES!! Imagine every little bone in your hand burning and aching like you slammed your fingers in a door. Imagine that same feeling in every part of your spine, your fore arms, your biceps, your neck, your ribs, your shoulders, your thighs, knees, calves, ankles, feet, and toes. Limbs feel heavy. Lifting your arm takes tremendous focus and energy. Navigating the stairs shoots daggers through your knees.

Now imagine you can’t make it better. You can’t make it go away. It might go away tomorrow, or the next day, one never knows when it’ll swoop in and when it’ll leave. In the meantime there’s just the exhaustion of living in constant unrelenting pain.

This is my day so far.

I’m tired.

I hope it doesn’t last long.

Mood: listless
Drinking: rooibos tea
Listening To: dryer tumbling
Hair: not aching at the roots, so today it’s my best friend

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