And the Beat Rolls On

Woke up in pain. Last night I took Ibuprofen in order to get comfortable enough to sleep. May have to take more this morning in order to loosen up my fingers enough to write semi-comfortably. The back seems like a big problem today. Back, legs and hands. This sucks. Not in a poor me kind of way though, I’m not coming down with a case of the poor measles. It really just makes me more angry than anything else. The fact that I can do nothing but try to get through without further aggravating and just wait for the flare to subside. Speaking with Mom last night she said the granddaughter of a woman at work has been bothered this week too. She is so bad she can’t go to school, can’t turn a door knob unless she uses both hands. She’s also much younger than me, a teenager I think. I feel for her. When I was a teenager I had all kinds of “mysterious” aches and pains and snaps and seizures of the joints . . . we never knew what it was about. I know now. But I never had it as bad as this kid. I always functioned. I was in my late 20’s or early 30’s before I became bed-ridden for the first time.

Garbage day. Time to bundle up and see what that wind chill is really all about. If I can tell anything by the walk to the curb from my door . . . then we know it’s serious.

Mood: trying to keep my spirits up
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: plows and tractors and lots of heavy equipment type traffic
Hair: oh god! if you only knew!

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