“I feel so good. Life is running around inside of me like a squirrel.” — Boris Kolenkhov, You Can’t Take It With You (1938)

I love this line. And I feel like this a lot this week. Sometimes I just look around and giggle. I’m excited about life again. Excited about living. It’s not that I was unexcited before. When I first went to Sackville I had the same feeling, then gradually it wore down, as I started to miss things I wanted to attend, as I started to find that there were very few people my age, as my home disintegrated and my landlord turned out to not be who I thought he was. I had some really great days there even then, and I’ll likely have some not so great days where I am now. But not yet.

Slept in til 7 this morning. My room was actually a little bit warmer last night than it has been. And again I’d knew there’d be no sunrise visible in the grey sky today. I was dreaming about a Coughlan family thing. Like some sort of hike or something, with cousins manning rest posts along the way where you could buy drinks and food. It seemed like we were in hills. Very green and foggy. A lot like how I imagine Ireland must be. We all started out together but soon everyone separated and it became a solo walk for each of us, a kind of spiritual trek even, like that one in Spain. Having some good dreams here this week. Entertaining and fun. Like the Japanese mafia one from the other night. That was loads of fun!

This evening I’m having over my brother and his new girlfriend for supper. His birthday was yesterday, so it’s kind of like a post b’day celebration. I’m very curious to meet this girl. I’m hoping she’s nice and good for him and not . . . well, not like so many of the other people who have come and gone in his life. This is my first entertaining. I still need to put the rest of the house together. I might walk out later and see about getting a cake or something for dessert. If I have time. Otherwise we’ll have to make due with . . . bran muffins?

Off to the races! Enjoy your day.

Mood: squirrelly
Drinking: russian tea, black, and a glass of water
Listening To: traffic, on the bridge, or across the river
Hair: needing a make-over badly

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