One A.M. Radio

Kellie here is your horoscope for Friday, April 30th: A possible change in direction might present itself today. You could … More

Long Day Gets Longer

at the office all day today, proofing bnm. some pretty major changes to do to stories tonight. several hours work … More

New Day

Celebrity guest stars abound in last night’s dreams. I had won a contest like Project Greenlight or else I had … More


I think I’m going to get income tax back! The Mama’s been crunching estimates and it looks like. Whew! This … More

Panic Attacks

If you’re having a good day . . . do not read on as I’ll suck you into my negative … More

Round & Round

Had a good weekend with the kids. They were pretty well behaved. Little fighting, nothing much. Overall they’re quiet, no … More

Black Eyes

More dreams. Not getting really good rest. My mattress is bothering me. Maybe I need a boxspring. It’s hard to … More

Meme Time!

If you had to choose just one, would you rather… … live in the city or in the suburbs? in … More

Only Us

Wil says you can’t give up hope even if it’s hopeless. Sound advice. Lisa’s talking about balance and how the … More


Just had to pass on impromptu invite for lunch with friend 😦 This makes me sad. If I stay inside … More