High School Confidential

Rough trade. Carol Pope. She remade that song for Queer as Folk, for the gay man perspective. No matter. Thinking … More


I’m a real slow mover today. Both legs still semi-swollen. After 12 hours standing on concrete and the 20+ minute … More

Just Breathe

She says it best: 2 AM and I’m still awake, writing a songIf I get it all down on paper, … More


I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwellI know, right now you can’t tellBut stay awhile and maybe then you’ll … More


I bought a box of girl guide cookies to support my niece in Brownies. The original kind, not the mint … More

Aching Muscles

Two for two on the daily walk thing for this week. Last night was easier than the first. Climbed the … More

Best in Show

What a day! It’s 25 degrees at 7:30 pm! Awesome. I love it. Had a fantastic morning meeting, that went … More

Monday Morning

Sluggish this a.m. Didn’t rise til 7:30, then mad dash to distribute meeting notes from Friday for the sales Monday … More