Oh Happy Day!

Yesterday’s 92% humidity was a friggin’ killer. Creeps right into your joints and sets up shop, it does. So, I didn’t seem to get much done yesterday on many fronts, because my knees and wrists were whacked. I went to bed pretty early, and stayed there quite late today. Everything seems to be in working order again now! Well in the knee department at least. Yay! Mobility is a fabulous gift! 🙂

It is the Canada Day long weekend, here. Happy Canada Day, everyone! There are some things happening around my part of town–some free outdoor concerts, a parade, cake cutting, pancake breakfast and so on. I may or may not attend some stuff. I’ve no plans right now, just playing it by ear. Decided not to go up home, because I’ll be in and out up there next weekend for the Dungarvon Whooper Festival and my high school reunion. If I go. That’s all kinda up in the air too, playing it by ear. There’s a lot going on next weekend. Rock ‘n Roll Festival in town too.

I’m feeling a little pent up or something. Like a big ball of energy, about to explode. I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Have to keep you posted on that.

A friend of mine invited me to this really cool event happening in July called the 24-hour Zine Thing. The challenge is to make a 24-page zine in a 24-hour time period. I’ve never done a zine. Yeah, you would’ve thought I had gone there at some point, but no, not unless those crazy things I used to make when I was a kid count . . . which I’m pretty sure The Daily Scoop doesn’t count. Eep! I had forgot about that, lol. Anyway, I’m kinda intrigued by the idea. I’m kinda creatively sparked by the challenge. So I might give it a try. Really, what do I have to lose? If I create a sucky zine I just won’t share the results with anyone. But maybe, just maybe, I’ll create something interesting and entertaining.

And maybe if I do the zine thing, I’ll be inspired to sign up for the 3-Day Novel Contest or at the very least NaNoWriMo or what the heck! Why not both? I mean, I think the tides are shifting . . . yesterday, I actually submitted a piece for consideration in an upcoming anthology . . . YEAH! ME! And today I’m on Places for Writers checking out the calls . . . some sort of publishing drive appears afoot in the wasteland . . . we shall see what, if anything, bears fruit.

The weather here today is amazing! Purrfect! Not too hot, sunshine, blue, white fluffys, what more could I ask for? Time to get some stuff done and stop all this lollygagging around smiling and smelling the roses.

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Fuel of Achievement

Listening to Brian Tracy this morning as he speaks about the fuel of achievement.

Determine all the reasons why you want the goal, Brian says before quoting Nietzsche: “A man can bear any what if he has a big enough why.”

If you want it badly enough, you can overcome anything. When you set yourself a goal, the universe will sometimes throw everything at you that it can in order to deter you from getting where you want to go. But if you want it enough, you’ll stick to your guns. If you have a lot of reasons why you want this thing, a lot of things you’re going to do when you achieve this goal, then you will stare down any obstacle and overcome. This is so true. I recognize it in my own life, in the things I’ve quit and the things I’ve fought for, in the obstacles I’ve overcome and the challenges that I gave up on.

So, he says to make a list, an actual physical list on paper. He uses the word spiral notebook and of course my heart goes all aflutter! Any excuse to crack open another new spiral notebook! But seriously. If I only have three reasons to be successful at my work and make more money, then I won’t try very hard, will I? And at the first sign of an obstacle I’ll be throwing up my hands and throwing in the towel. But if I have hundreds of reasons, thousands of reasons, a spiral notebook full of reasons, I’ll be a force to be reckoned with. Think about it. Make a list.

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Da Boys #1!

From PerezHilton.com:

Bon Jovi went country for their new album, Lost Highway, and boy did it pay off!

The band’s record jumped to the #1 spot on the U.S. album chart’s this week.

This mark’s Bon Jovi’s first #1 in TWENTY years!

The last time they hit pole position was in 1988 with their New Jersey album.


Yay! I’m already in freaking concert mode. Somebody cut up my credit card puhleeze!!

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Taking the Long Way

Up at 6 this morn. Feeling pretty well rested. The humidity is a killer on energy, makes me want to sleep, weighs heavy on my body, in my joints. Last night the elderly couple who live two doors down on the ground floor were having drinks (a few too many maybe) and entertaining some company. Music blaring. But like Sinatra and similar. Old stuff. Classic. So it wasn’t too bad. One of the women got a little tight and teetered around the backyard singing about loves lost, swaying to the music, dancing with her beer. Kinda sad.

The boys from RW return this morning to finish my window. I requested bullet-proof glass . . . they didn’t quite know what to think. Do I look like an arms dealer? Anyway, looking forward to getting the window done. THIS just in time for Rock ‘n Roll Festival fireworks!! Yay! I think that’ll be nice.

There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot going on this weekend on the Newcastle side of the river for Canada Day. Some bands at Ritchie Wharf, the parade, a pancake breakfast and that seems to be about all. Lots happening in Chatham. Next weekend is the crazy one for me. Too many things, not enough time. Ah well.

And now the day beckons.

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Seat Next to You

You need to download the latest Smodcast with Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier! You must! Really! Go there now! It’s the shits! I’m not even kidding.


I should not have a glass of wine and watch the Street. Especially white, no matter how humid it is. Tsk. Tsk.

Audrey told Fred that if he had asked again she would’ve said yes. SHE WOULD HAVE SAID YES! And of course, he wants to know, why now? Why now of all times, when he is to be off with another within the week? Why not before? And she told him the truth. She thought somebody better would come along. But they didn’t. And now she’s a foolish old woman watching her last chance for happiness marry somebody else.

Oh, boy!

I admire her honesty. I relate to her folly. I mean, one does get lonely, doesn’t one? And then you have to wonder, should I have said something? Should I have tried harder? Could I have been happy? I mean I AM happy. But could I also have been happy in another universe, orbiting with another? And I’m not talking about the psychos . . . yes, there were definitely psychos. But there were others. You know the comfortable ones, the mediocre ones, the ones that weren’t volatile but just average. Were those the ones I should have fought for? Were those the ones that could have bloomed into something real and lasting? It’s something to think about.

Or not.

It is entirely probable that I am just bored. The last time I was bored, it was not good. I should take up a new hobbie or write a book or something. Idle hands . . .


The country jon bon cd has grown on me. I officially like it. Six times was the charm.


I’ve seen my heart of darkness
Let’s just say I crossed over that line
Held hands with the hopeless
In too deep on that ride went around one more time

When you’re standing on the edge you don’t look down
Til you’re ready and willing to fly

Now I’m one step closer
With my arms open wide here
I’m one step closer
And I’m willing to try this time

I hitched a ride with forgiveness
In that river of emotion I went down a third time
I spent the night with the living
Took a chance looked inside didn’t know who I’d find

Standing on the corner of that lone goodbye
All alone, it’s there I made up my mind

Yeah I’m one step closer
With my arms open wide here
I’m one step closer
And I’m willing to try

I’m sick of giving up
Ooh, with a little luck
I’m gonna get out of here

When you’re standing on the edge don’t look down
Til you’re ready and willing to fly

I’m one step closer
With my arms open wide here
I’m one step closer
And I’m willing to try this time

One Step Closer, written by jon bon jovi, richie sambora and john shanks from the album Lost Highway

Mood: nostalgic
Drinking: water (but contemplating a second glass of wine, an after dinner refreshment)
Listening To: you want to make a memory, bon jovi
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I’m in recovery from social weekend. I think it was somewhat more tiring because of lack of sunshine. Grey skies zap my energy. I slept late this morning. Even sleeping late involves getting up well before 9am these days, which may never cease to freak me out. I am a morning person! I really truly am!

So we had a good weekend. Drove all over. I give good directions. I’m not too bad of a tour guide. I wish the weather had been better so we could have gotten out of the car more, walked around, explored. Later in the summer there are more tourist things happening than there were this weekend. But nevertheless we had a smashing time! Any time I get to share Disco Pigs is a good one. And I have REAL art to hang on my overwhelmingly bare walls!! Which is tres exciting! I’ve done nothing but think on the perfect spot since receiving the house warming gift Friday evening. I’ve narrowed it down to two places. I will sleep on it again I think.

Dreamed of cousins and some sort of big party last night. An exhausting tossing/turning type of sleep, with many wakings, only to return to the dream upon closing my eyes again. Me and my boy cousin S in a group of . . . university students? classmates? I’m not sure. All trying to get to this big party. reunion maybe? or rock concert? My girl cousin S supposed to come pick us up. But we’re waiting a very very long time. From early morning to late evening, to darkness. By the time she arrives we’ve promised rides to others, expecting a car, expecting we can handle three extra besides ourselves. But she comes in a black half-ton truck. And it’s raining. And we’re going a long way to Fredericton or some place. So piling people on back isn’t an option. She seems . . . distraught or something. Bothered is probably the better word. She’s bothered by something and impatient, wanting to leave without allowing us to explain and apologize to the people we’ve promised rides to. Anxious! That’s the best word. She’s anxious. And this causes me and him to be concerned. We get into the cab and she pulls out before I’ve even closed the door tightly. And he asks what’s up . . . and then my phone rings and I lose the dream. I try to go back later, but it’s morning and I can’t get there, I need to get up.

And I wonder if anybody is anxious today. Or maybe it is me. Maybe I should email somebody and say hey.

Mood: almost awake
Drinking: water
Listening To: the washer’s agitation
Hair: so frigging greasy!! what is up with that anyway?!

Got It Going On

So Bon Jovi made a country album. Yeah. I’m not even kidding. I bought it. Complete with steel guitar and LeeAnn Rimes. Seriously. So, nothing really grabbed me first play. You know I am not a fan of country music. But IT IS Jon Bon . . . so on second playing, there are a few tracks starting to grow on me. I’m curious about how these songs are gonna fit into their regular tour though. I can’t imagine You Give Love a Bad Name following any of these songs . . . unless they rock them up. Curious. Very very curious.

Company coming for the weekend! And I’m excited! Trying to work and clean house at the same time. Guest won’t arrive until later this evening after supper, so there’s still time to get my shit together. Bringing a dog! Yeah. To my building. Apparently the beastie is well-trained and doesn’t bark inside. Which is not to say Nick will be coming to live with his Mama anytime soon. But still. A little furball will be nice to have around. Shouldn’t get me evicted. I swear I hear critters visiting people overhead . . . and I’m not talking about just the screaming girls. Hopefully we get some sunshine this weekend so Miramichi makes a good first impression, BOTH sides of the river 🙂

Mood: chipper
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Listening To: summertime, bon jovi
Hair: pulled back, pushed up, and contemplating a summer change