Oh Happy Day!

Yesterday’s 92% humidity was a friggin’ killer. Creeps right into your joints and sets up shop, it does. So, I … More

Fuel of Achievement

Listening to Brian Tracy this morning as he speaks about the fuel of achievement. Determine all the reasons why you … More

Da Boys #1!

From PerezHilton.com: Bon Jovi went country for their new album, Lost Highway, and boy did it pay off! The band’s … More

Taking the Long Way

Up at 6 this morn. Feeling pretty well rested. The humidity is a killer on energy, makes me want to … More

Seat Next to You

You need to download the latest Smodcast with Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier! You must! Really! Go there now! It’s … More


I’m in recovery from social weekend. I think it was somewhat more tiring because of lack of sunshine. Grey skies … More

Got It Going On

So Bon Jovi made a country album. Yeah. I’m not even kidding. I bought it. Complete with steel guitar and … More

Unruly Tenants

So achy breaky bone tired today. Damn dampness! It’s one of those days when I just want to go back … More

Been Busy

Well last week was obviously a doozey, given I haven’t blogged since last Tuesday. Long days and even longer nights … More