Would you cut off both your arms for a million dollars? Five million? Ten? How about your sight? Would you give up your eyesight for ten million dollars? What about the ability to walk? Would you trade your legs for twenty million dollars? Forget about the physical stuff for a second. If you could have ten million dollars but in exchange you could never feel love again, would you take the money? What about joy? Or happiness? The answer to all of these things should never be the money, and if there’s any thought to the money, then you need to seriously re-examine your priorities!

The point is that of course we wouldn’t trade any of these things for any amount of money. Of course not! And what does that tell us? You are already priceless. Right now. Right this very second you are a priceless individual. Me too! So you know how you think to yourself things like, “If I could only lose the weight then I’d be happy” or “If I could only get enough money to buy that thing then everything will be okay” or “If only I could be with him and have him love me, I’d be complete” … Horse Shit! When you lose the weight, you’re not going to be happy, then it’ll be something else. When you get enough money together and buy that thing, everything is not going to be okay, because then there’ll be something else. And when you’re with him and he loves you, you won’t feel complete, because nobody else can complete another person, we have to complete ourselves.

So why always live in the future tense? Why not be happy with yourself right now? Why not be okay with what you have right now? Why not love yourself and be complete right now? Because you’re already priceless. So why not live in the now and enjoy it.

Mood: for 10 million dollars i’d tell you
Drinking: water
Listening To: the dryer fluffing my undies!!
Hair: needing an attitude adjustment

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  1. Aye, there’s the rub, eh? Learning to live this way. I think it takes practice. I think this is one of those things you have to fake until you make it. Cuz Lord knows I don’t know anybody who was brought up to be this person and live this way, lol. I think it’s something we have to do for ourselves as adults, in particular, as women.


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