Fuel of Achievement

Listening to Brian Tracy this morning as he speaks about the fuel of achievement.

Determine all the reasons why you want the goal, Brian says before quoting Nietzsche: “A man can bear any what if he has a big enough why.”

If you want it badly enough, you can overcome anything. When you set yourself a goal, the universe will sometimes throw everything at you that it can in order to deter you from getting where you want to go. But if you want it enough, you’ll stick to your guns. If you have a lot of reasons why you want this thing, a lot of things you’re going to do when you achieve this goal, then you will stare down any obstacle and overcome. This is so true. I recognize it in my own life, in the things I’ve quit and the things I’ve fought for, in the obstacles I’ve overcome and the challenges that I gave up on.

So, he says to make a list, an actual physical list on paper. He uses the word spiral notebook and of course my heart goes all aflutter! Any excuse to crack open another new spiral notebook! But seriously. If I only have three reasons to be successful at my work and make more money, then I won’t try very hard, will I? And at the first sign of an obstacle I’ll be throwing up my hands and throwing in the towel. But if I have hundreds of reasons, thousands of reasons, a spiral notebook full of reasons, I’ll be a force to be reckoned with. Think about it. Make a list.

Mood: philosophical
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: brian tracy
Hair: kinda sorta in my eyes

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