Oh Happy Day!

Yesterday’s 92% humidity was a friggin’ killer. Creeps right into your joints and sets up shop, it does. So, I didn’t seem to get much done yesterday on many fronts, because my knees and wrists were whacked. I went to bed pretty early, and stayed there quite late today. Everything seems to be in working order again now! Well in the knee department at least. Yay! Mobility is a fabulous gift! 🙂

It is the Canada Day long weekend, here. Happy Canada Day, everyone! There are some things happening around my part of town–some free outdoor concerts, a parade, cake cutting, pancake breakfast and so on. I may or may not attend some stuff. I’ve no plans right now, just playing it by ear. Decided not to go up home, because I’ll be in and out up there next weekend for the Dungarvon Whooper Festival and my high school reunion. If I go. That’s all kinda up in the air too, playing it by ear. There’s a lot going on next weekend. Rock ‘n Roll Festival in town too.

I’m feeling a little pent up or something. Like a big ball of energy, about to explode. I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Have to keep you posted on that.

A friend of mine invited me to this really cool event happening in July called the 24-hour Zine Thing. The challenge is to make a 24-page zine in a 24-hour time period. I’ve never done a zine. Yeah, you would’ve thought I had gone there at some point, but no, not unless those crazy things I used to make when I was a kid count . . . which I’m pretty sure The Daily Scoop doesn’t count. Eep! I had forgot about that, lol. Anyway, I’m kinda intrigued by the idea. I’m kinda creatively sparked by the challenge. So I might give it a try. Really, what do I have to lose? If I create a sucky zine I just won’t share the results with anyone. But maybe, just maybe, I’ll create something interesting and entertaining.

And maybe if I do the zine thing, I’ll be inspired to sign up for the 3-Day Novel Contest or at the very least NaNoWriMo or what the heck! Why not both? I mean, I think the tides are shifting . . . yesterday, I actually submitted a piece for consideration in an upcoming anthology . . . YEAH! ME! And today I’m on Places for Writers checking out the calls . . . some sort of publishing drive appears afoot in the wasteland . . . we shall see what, if anything, bears fruit.

The weather here today is amazing! Purrfect! Not too hot, sunshine, blue, white fluffys, what more could I ask for? Time to get some stuff done and stop all this lollygagging around smiling and smelling the roses.

Mood: brightside
Drinking: coffee, black
Listening To: what to do, ok go
Hair: stringy

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  1. OMG I completely forgot about The Daily Scoop too! Too funny.
    And yes, you have to come up next weekend. It’s bad enough they suckered me in to direct the play but to work the Bread ‘n Molasses table all afternoon by myself….no, I need you there. Sorry. Gotta come.
    Gotta come promote your magazine! You are the face of BnM! I’m just a little guy. They don’t want to see me…the want to meet the voice behind Sammy’s mighty adventure!!! lol


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