Slept very little. From after 2 am til about 6:30. Tossed and turned. It’s hard to function properly in heat. I’m such a winter girl! Yesterday a reporter from one of the daily papers contacted me to interview me about . . . THE WEATHER! She was looking for an enthusiast, and somehow found me. Weird, huh? I mean, yes, I’m a watcher, but to be interviewed for an article. That’s just too weird. Anyway, I didn’t have time, so don’t go looking to see me as the freaky weather lady in today’s paper.

I’ve got the place closed up today, trying to keep the heat out. I don’t know if it’s working or just making my life worse. I desperately need to do some housework. I have a houseguest arriving later and I promised some cleanliness. Think of the calories I will burn in this heat!! Yeah, that’s good motivation . . .

Mood: ready to get sweaty
Drinking: black coffee
Listening To: uncle johnny, the killers
Hair: loosely knotted

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  1. Hello Kellie…have a great weekend! Let the heat either knock you out, or do some magic to make it go away! I loved to look at Squishy Seats and adorable Sammy arched engagingly above the text! Thank you for the encouragement! Hey! — go kayaking at Koujoubeguak (woops!) and don’t fall in! Or fall in if that will make you feel cooler!Love ya! Janet


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