Just a Note

Yesterday I got over 10,000 steps, most in a crazy wind/rain storm that ripped out my ponytail and saw me … More

Dry Spell Ends

You’ve been waiting patiently for a post I suppose. I mean what happened in Fredericton? How close did I get … More

Wicked Come Winter

It’s 7am on the Mighty Miramichi and I’ve been up for hours already. Big day. Have to get ready to … More

Oh Brother

I so hope Danielle doesn’t win BB8. Is anyone with me on that? Do other people like her? I cannot … More

Best/Worst Day

I love Sunday. I hate Sunday. I love waking up Sunday morning, rolling over one eye open to snatch the … More

The Killer in Me

I got my new pedometer and it is awesome!! Yes, I got the one from Walking Spree. I had my … More

These Dreams

And the dreams continue. Gawd! It’s hard to get any real rest when everyone you’ve ever met in your life … More

For Reasons Unknown

Last night I watched a couple of movies. First I watched the latest in the Die Hard series, Live Free … More