Autumn Setting In

Setting in my bones, that is. I’m thinking this will be the last big flare of the season, surely temperatures and humidity won’t rise much from now on. I am the rare bird who looks forward to below zero temperatures. We hit below freezing and I’m golden. It’s getting there that can be excruciating. Today it’s limbs, all of them, arms, legs, setting in wrists mostly, some shoulders, ankles and knees. I have a bad burn on one hand that’s tender and I seem to keep striking on things, off tables, into doors. In many ways I think having a high threshold for pain is a curse, because I think I get more than my fair share, cuz I can take it. Or I often hurt myself before I realize I have, pay the painful price later in cuts, bruises, burns.

I’ve just remembered there is a writer’s meeting tonight. I don’t want to go. But I never do. I always feel like I don’t have time. But especially this week. With the long weekend I feel like this week has been too short, there’s not enough time to get all I want done. But I should make myself go. Even if I have no new writing to share. I need to connect with other writers and recharge creativity. And the meeting only comes round once a month. It’s never going to fall on a night when I feel like I have time. And I haven’t been since spring.

Mood: alright
Drinking: coffee, water
Listening To: grrrr
Hair: uncertain about itself

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