Have I Been Sleeping For All These Years?

Maybe I’m not drinking enough water. Or maybe I’ve got some sinus/allergy thing going on. I have this nagging hint of a headache that I can’t seem to shake. I slept WAY too late today. Can’t seem to catch up. I was supposed to go to the movies tonight, but I’m not now, so maybe if I use my evening time wisely I can get on top of things. Tomorrow is going to be a purely insane day. I need to figure out logistics, costume changes, cash needed on hand for such a big run-around day. Friday is only slightly less hectic, but at least it all happens on my side of the river so there’ll be no crossing the bridge multiple times via taxi. It’s $12.50 to cross the bridge. Maybe $15 to go one place I need to be. That’s like pocket change in comparison to my past life. I used to spend $50 a day in taxi fares when I lived in TO. I’m talking 5 or 6 days a week. Honestly! Can you imagine?! $200-$300 in taxis every week! And that was a long time ago, lord knows what it’d cost today. The times they be a changing. When I think back on my lifestyle then, it’s no wonder everything fell apart, I cracked and dropped out. Drinks every night after work. Sleeping 2-3 hours only per night. All meals eaten out. 100 hours on the job per week. I mean $250 on average just for frigging taxis. I was a crazy person. Facing a day like tomorrow takes me back there and makes me cringe a little, but then I remember it’s only one day and no matter what it’s still the Maritime version of hectic, which is never as fast paced as the Toronto version. Never. No need to ever move that fast again. Whew! What a relief?

In other news . . . people are pulling over to give me a boost. And when my gut clenches and I turn to flee, jump back in, roll up the windows and lock the doors, I’m making myself stand strong and face those booster cables head on. One coffee Sunday coming up!

Mood: well
Drinking: coffee, water
Listening To: 1979, smashing pumpkins
Hair: ponied

2 thoughts on “Have I Been Sleeping For All These Years?

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  1. I’m totally having the constant threat of a headache too! It never fully goes away. I think it must be a sinus thing because I do have a sore throat, runny nose, etc… At first I thought it was some kind of flare up with my migraines and I couldn’t understand why it was happening…..anyway have fun on Sunday!


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