We Got It Going On

Did you know that Hedley will be opening for Bon Jovi when they do their Canada tour starting next month? Yeah. I knew. Can’t go. Well . . . could go, but it would be highly irresponsible of me, lol. I haven’t been doing hardly any travelling this year. Really. I mean I may have been to Fredericton once or twice, the same with Moncton. This could have drastic repercussions on the old income tax thing 😦 No business trips. No workshops. Well, very few workshops. I might be going to Fredericton next month for a trade show. Details are sketchy on that one. I’m not sure it’s a BnM thing.

More strange dreams last night. Arguing with Stace about work stuff. I can’t remember the details. But it was like we were in this big long disagreement as we were walking to a meeting or something. We were in a big building, walking through empty halls, passing many glassed in rooms. I had my notebook with me, so it felt like we were going to an interview. All I remember about the discussion itself was her saying, “Are you sure you want to do that?” It was about work stuff but when we got to where we were going it wasn’t a work related thing. Her hubby was there and another guy and it was like a set-up blind date thingy. Except the guy and I knew one another. It was her sisters’ boyfriend . . . and she was all like, “Oh, just give him a chance, hang out, see if you like him.” So we hung out. And had a laugh. And it was actually kinda fun. And then it dawned on me, “Ummm, how’s Janice feel about all this?” I asked Stacy and she just shrugged and said, “Oh a change would be good for her, don’t you think? I’ve got someone in mind for her too.” And then I looked through the window into the adjoining room and there was Janice . . . with my brother-in-law! LMAO Crazy dreams. Comic relief, that one.

Mood: chipper
Drinking: coffee, black
Listening To: two guys (for every girl), peaches featuring beth ditto
Hair: limp

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