And That’s A Wrap

Finally, the girl can breathe, just a smidgen. Finally, she can go put her feet up and let the swelling … More

This is the Sound

I am loving the Foo Fighters. Big time. It’s like I put on the iTunes random shuffle and I go … More

The River is Wild

My mighty river is freezing in. Yesterday I thought I saw ice near the shore in Chatham Head, but I … More

The Razor’s Edge

Have I mentioned that I took it upon myself to do away with almost a whole head of hair? Yeah. … More

Git ‘er Done!

I stayed up pretty late last night, until about 3:30 or so. I took my last dose of sinus meds … More

Merry Happy

Oh boy, how could I have forgotten how lovely non-drowsy sinus meds are?! I’ve been in agony for weeks, months … More

BodySnatchers & Stuff

Speaking of remakes of movies . . . What if a filmmaker decided to remake you? Your life? Would you … More

A Day

I’m skipping Mighty Monday because I’m sick. Been feeling a little off since last week. But really started to get … More