Merry Happy

Oh boy, how could I have forgotten how lovely non-drowsy sinus meds are?! I’ve been in agony for weeks, months even, and all I needed to do was go buy some drugs. Sheesh! I had not intended to buy a non-drowsy formula. Because my goal was to get some sinus relief, not get that little amphetamine-like energetic loss of appetite buzz that I am highly susceptible to addiction. Sometimes I miss bennies. There. I’ve said it. I mean 10,000 steps happened daily back in those days, I’ll tell ya! Should’ve had a pedometer strapped on, just for fun. I can’t even imagine how many miles I put on regularly. The queen of the 10 minute walk. Ten minutes from Mom’s to M’s. Ten minutes from the club to R’s. Or maybe that was 15, but even then, DAMN! That’s far! Walking from back the clubhouse in Cains River to Mom’s, in cowboy boots. On my feet 24/7 behind the bar, in heeled granny boots. Yeah, sometimes I miss that. Sometimes. And how many steps would that walk from the Anglican Church in the Rapids to home have been?! That’s far! You know, I still love walking, still love being on my feet. Just can’t convince my brain that I should make more time for that. Getting there.

I also bought a mild laxative last night. Been having some issues. But I was thinking the mixture, speed, laxative, you’d think I was trying to quickly shed some pounds. I’m not. But hey, now I have the tools I need for a quick 10 drop in a most unhealthy manner. Or I could just stop eating fried chicken and potato chips. That’s a thought.

Mood: buzzing
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: at the 100th meridian, tragically hip
Hair: currently, it’s kinda like i gave myself a mullet . . . i’m gonna try again, chop more off, i may be in need of emergency hair care from a professional very soon

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