Taking Stock

The last time I took stock was January 3rd, 2007. On my blog that day I looked at my 2006 … More

Happy Christmas!

I’m so over Merry y’all. It’s days past the big day and I’m just getting into it. Well, maybe I’m … More

Dreams With Deadlines

As we get closer to the end of 2007 I’ve been a little concerned about myself. Normally as soon as … More

Achy Again

Awake since 5am though I tried to continue sleeping until 6:30, should have just gotten up. I’m in an achy … More


I’m having a butterflies kind of day/week/almost month. Fluttering in my gut. Yes, I am excited. Nervous. Crippled with anticipation. … More

O Xmas Tree

I posted pics on Facebook already, but here some of them are again for those who don’t go there. It’s … More

Mania Settling In Again

Just in time for the weekend another bout of heart-racing lip-trembling doe-eyed insomnia-inducing mania. Yay! I need someone to say, … More

The Bootleg Saint

Sam Roberts is in studio working on a new album. Very cool! I am having some wicked crazy ass dreams … More

38 Years Old

Twelve men broke loose in ’73From millhaven maximum securityTwelve pictures lined up across the front pageseems the mounties had a … More