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Tagged by Jenn, just as I was thinking to myself, “this one wouldn’t be a good one for me to do . . .”

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

A meme for the holidays….

Four things you always find yourself drinking at Christmastime

1. wine
2. brandy
3. hot apple cider
4. hot chocolate

Four things you always eat around Christmastime

1. i don’t really eat anything differently, not big on the turkey dinner and all that, not really big on all the sweets and candy, i’m one of those people who will lose weight over christmas, who finds it easy to stick to the diet over the holidays, i’m more of a beverage person

Four people you buy presents for every Christmas

1. stacy
2. the kids (they are more than 4, i didn’t want to single any one of them out)
3. mom
4. dad

Four people you always receive a present from at Christmas

1. mom & dad
2. stacy
3. grammie
4. lee (usually)

Four presents you remember getting as a child

1. the barbie motor home
2. saturday night fever album
3. ghetto blaster
4. i remember nothing else. poodle was obviously a cherished one, but i don’t recall the moment he arrived

Four places you always visit over the holidays

1. i don’t really do that. i go to mom’s for a couple of days and see what happens. usually i end up at jenn’s for games and things, usually i go visit paulina and anna so they can show me their toys, but that’s about it

Four people who always visit you over the holidays

1. nobody ever visits me over the holidays. maybe they will this year

Four Holiday Gatherings you usually attend

1. the mighty party
2. the tea house “staff” party
3. xmas eve at mom’s house
4. can’t think of any other gatherings

Four Holiday movies you watch every year

1. i don’t really do this either, if I stumble onto Home for the Holidays or National Lampoon’s I’ll watch it cuz I love those two. I probably watch Love Actually on purpose. This year I hope to watch The Holiday. But who really knows

Four Christmas specials you still love to watch

1. Not big on Christmas specials, haven’t really seen The Grinch or Charlie Brown or any of that stuff in years

Four great holiday memories

1. i can’t think of any

Four not-so-great holiday memories

1. too many to list, couldn’t possibly pick the top 4

Four things you love about Christmas

1. giving gifts
2. the tree, lights, decorations, music
3. Christmas Eve
4. christmas cheer i.e. playing games, food & drink

Four things you don’t love about Christmas

1. shopping in crowded malls
2. being depressed

Four people you are tagging

noboby, i’ll spare you

Mood: pretty happy til i did this thing
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: nothing
Hair: still short spiky uneven and amateurish

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