The Bootleg Saint

Sam Roberts is in studio working on a new album. Very cool!

I am having some wicked crazy ass dreams this week. Yeah, what else is new? Right? There are some people who show up in my subconsciousness way too much for my liking. I need more celebrity guest stars. The only one I’ve had lately was Barbara Streisand, which was not as cool as one might imagine it would be.

Yesterday I had lunch with a writer friend at the Rodd. The food was great, the conversation even better, like an infusion of creativity for my soul. In the evening I went to the writers’ group meeting. Very small group, tis the season after all, but it was good. Got some submissions, read some crap. In the new year my old writing workshop is supposed to be starting up again. We’re going to meet regularly every week or two with the common goal to each complete a new novel by spring/summer. I am so up for something like that. I desperately need to do something. I am beyond stagnant.

Mood: getting a headache
Drinking: nothing
Listening To: what is it about men, amy winehouse
Hair: all over the place

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